Our Work

Enterprise system designs and consultancy · web app development · speech app development

BT TV streaming

Architecture design of multi-platform APIs to implement streaming concurrency logic at the point of playback with complex licensing policies, and for purchasing pay-per-view streamed events, with high availability and scalability, from the project's inception through to deployment including delivery of operational documentation with monitoring and runbook procedures


Multiple AWS services, Splunk

BT TV publishing

Design, development and documentation of a publishing and state tracking system of BT VOD assets and metadata to another TV service provider's system for playback by their customers via STBs and OTT streaming


AWS (Step Functions, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, SES, DynamoDB, Lambda, S3), Python, Splunk


Development of a statically generated website for a consultancy business, with responsive pages and low latency

Eleventy, Pug, Bootstrap, hosting with AWS S3/Cloudflare
Journey Time Maps

Development of a data-driven single page web app with isopleth, proximity and heat map visualisations for London using public transit data

Frontend: Javascript, Vue 2, Vuetify, Google Maps API, KML
Backend: Javascript/Nodejs, Cytoscape, Perl, TfL API, MariaDB, hosting with AWS S3/Cloudflare

Development of a data-driven website with user-generated content to generate semi-static and dynamic pages, using federated identity authentication from several providers, with localised versions for UK and USA, to track government pledge completion

USA versionUK version
Frontend: Javascript, Google Material Components for the web, Facebook API, Twitter API, Login with Amazon API and custom API
Backend: Webpack, Javascript/Nodejs, Express, Pug, AWS (Beanstalk, EC2, DynamoDB, Cognito, S3, API Gateway, Lambda), Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare
Asteroid Impacts

Development of an Alexa skill with custom interaction model and data-driven speech to warn of impending doom using NASA's space object monitoring

Main skillFlash briefing skill
Javascript/Nodejs, Lambda, Alexa Skills for speech model and hosting, SpeechML, NASA APIs
Alexa skills for transport

Development of several data-driven speech apps with custom interaction models to resolve the names of similar stops/stations and store them, and to retrieve realtime public transit data and convert the transit agency's complex data models to succinct speech responses for the next arrival for multiple transport modes in London

Javascript/Nodejs, Lambda, Alexa Skills for speech model and hosting, SpeechML, TfL APIs
Teletext for Chromecast

Development of a Chromecast receiver app for native high-fidelity rendering of teletext pages using vector graphics with pixel-art upscaling, intended for broadcasters, archivists or retro hobbyists, with open sourced components including a caster client module to drive the receiver app

teletext-caster moduleDemo site
Javascript, Rollup, SVG, Google Cast Sender and Receiver APIs, Netlify for hosting and NPM for the published modules