Top-notch software design services

We specialise in architecture and software design for enterprises, and can oversee development across disparate teams on complex projects. We'll create high quality bespoke API designs, technical documentation and diagrams. With AWS Solution Architect certification, we can also design AWS-based systems and work with your existing AWS deployments to improve security, reduce costs, troubleshoot issues and advise on best practices.

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Our enterprise services

Software architecture

We can design a robust and cost-effective enterprise-scale solution, with clear deliverables including thorough documentation and detailed diagrams

API design

We'll design and create APIs suitable for multi-platform clients using Swagger/OpenAPI, and deploy using the Serverless Application Model (SAM) or your preferred deployment technology


Our solutions can be cloud or hybrid based on your needs and current state of adoption of the cloud, with a specialism in AWS' serverless services, and the flexibility to use other vendors such as Cloudflare when its advantageous

Integration consultancy

We can work with one or multiple development and test teams to answer queries or investigate issues, and to refine the design as your project progresses


We can build proof-of-concept systems to compare technical options and validate the architecture


Whilst we prioritise system design, we can also develop using Javascript/Nodejs and Python, and partcipate in software lifecycle processes such as code reviewing, QA and bug resolution, and deployment using automation or your change control process

Services for small businesses

Website MOT and maintenance

For smaller businesses, we can do an MOT-style test on your existing website to identify technical and security problems such as broken or missing HTTPS, slow page loading, browser compatibility problems, outdated technology like Flash and broken third-party vendor integrations causing errors to your customers, then follow through to fix the issues with your existing web host. We'll also make recommendations to reduce the running cost

Web and audio application development

We have experience using Vue 2 or Vue 3 for creating modern, API-driven, dynamic web-based apps, and Alexa Skills for audio-based apps for Echo/Alexa devices. For simpler websites we can use a static site generator and Bootstrap to create a fast, mobile-friendly site